Virtual Workshop: T-Shirt Yarn Wall Hanging

Thank you for booking onto the T-Shirt Yarn Wall Hanging virtual workshop. Below you will find all of the necessary joining instructions for the workshop as well as the materials and templates you’ll need ahead of the workshop. You’ll also find out how to contact Rachel should you have any questions or issues joining the workshop.

Workshop details

  • Date: Thursday 10th September 2020
  • Time: 20:00 – 21:30 (please join session at 19:45)

Joining instructions for this workshop

To join the zoom workshop, please follow the below instructions. You will need to have Zoom installed on your computer/mobile device ahead of the workshop.

  1. Download and install Zoom on your computer/mobile device. You do not need to create a Zoom account to participate in the workshop.
  2. At 19:45 BST (15 mins before the event start time), follow this link to join the session:
  3. Enter your name as it helps me to identify you.
  4. If prompted, enter the following password: 749262.
  5. If you experience any problems logging in, please try entering the Meeting ID: 960 2263 6528 and the password above or try restarting the Zoom application.
  6. You can email Rachel at [email protected] and not through Facebook or Instagram if you are still having issues getting logged into the session.

Materials required for this workshop

Below you will find a list of the materials (hyperlinked) you will need for the workshop as well as links to stockists for each product. You do not need to use the links I’ve supplied, you may already have some of these materials at home, or you may be able to pick them up from your local haberdashery. Please ensure that you have ordered them well in advance of the workshop to ensure that you have everything you need. Some suppliers take a little longer than others to deliver items.

  1. A skein of T-shirt yarn in the shade of your choice (alternatively you could make your own t-shirt yarn and turn into a ball of yarn). If ordering t-shirt yarn, to avoid waiting on a delivery, you could check if your local haberdashery stocks this yarn.
  2. A hanging device – you can either use an embroidery hoop (I recommend a 7 inch one), or a 20cm/30cm dowel rod. Alternatively, you could use the bottom of an old wooden coat/trouser hanger.
  3. Fabric scissors

Workshop Prep

The easiest way to work on your project when you are following my online tutorial is to tape your hanging device to a wall or you could place it onto a picture hook. Alternatively, you could hook it onto the top of a dining chair spindle.

Templates for this workshop

There is no template for this workshop.

Help and support

If you have any questions ahead of the workshop or experience any issues getting logged in on the evening of the workshop, please contact Rachel via email at [email protected] or using this contact page. Please do not contact Rachel through Instagram or Facebook regarding this workshop.