Coaching for Creatives


With other 18 years experience running a freelance design business, creating and building a successful brand and working with a range of clients, Rachel has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Throughout her career as a designer, she has regularly mentored, facilitated workshops, set up and delivered creative enterprise projects and has taught accredited qualifications in further education.

Rachel is truly passionate about helping skilled individuals to grow their freelance businesses, make a living from their creativity and build a brand that is impactful and sustainable. 

Upon booking a consultation, Rachel will get in touch to organise a 1hr consultation on Zoom.

Topics Rachel covers:

  • How to get your work published
  • How to put together proposals
  • How to create designs for publications
  • How to make a living being a freelance designer
  • How to create a concept board
  • How to market yourself on social media
  • How to approach clients and where to look for opportunities
  • How to create a brand that reflects your style
  • How to create marketing materials and what programmes to use
  • How to package products
  • How to deliver and teach a successful workshop




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