Online Courses – Help and Support

The following instructions have been written and recorded (videos) to help you log in and view your purchased courses.

These instructions cover three main topics:

  1. Accessing a course immediately after purchase
  2. Logging into a course as an existing user (at a later date)
  3. Logging in and navigating a course

If you experience any issues accessing or viewing a purchased online course, please contact Rachel using the button below or using the form on the main Contact page.

Contact Rachel for Help

You can access a course directly after purchase using the following steps:

  1. Locate and open the ‘Order Complete’ email from Rachel Henderson Interiors. It may be in your Inbox or your JunkMail folder, so check both. You’ll only be able to log into your account once the status of your order has changed to ‘Order Complete’ and this email has been received.
  2. Within the email, locate and click on the link which reads ‘Log into the Course Dashboard to view your purchased course’.
  3. When prompted to log in, enter the username and password you chose at the checkout stage when buying the course and press the green LOGIN  button.
  4. You will now be logged in and able to see your purchased course within the ‘Enrolled Courses’ area of the Dashboard.

You can access your course as an existing user using the following steps:

  1. From the main ‘Online Courses’ menu, choose ‘Online Course Login’. You can also log in using the yellow login button at the top of the Online Courses page.
  2. When prompted, enter the username and password you chose when purchasing the course. You can check the ‘Remember Me’ option to keep you logged in for future sessions. If you’ve forgotten your username or password, use the ‘Forgot Password?’ option.
  3. Click on the green LOGIN button.
  4. You will now be logged into the main Course Dashboard. Click on the course’s title to open the overview page and when it loads, click on the yellow START COURSE button.
  5. Your course will now open and can be viewed.

This video demonstrates how to navigate the main course player to move between videos and projects, open file attachments, mark videos as viewed and make use of the community Q&A option. You’ll also be shown how to write a review for the course.