How to inject colour into your home…my top 10 favourite brands!

I am opening up my little black book (as if it’s black, more like pink & yellow, ha!) in this post and sharing some of my home décor secrets, huhhhhh!

Ever since our home featured on Scotland’s Home of the Year (BBC Scotland) I’ve had a lot of dm’s asking where I shop for my accessories. So I have decided to compile a list and share my top 10 favourite home décor designers/businesses so you too can create a fun, happy and colour-popping abode!

I’m a firm believer a room isn’t complete without leaving your own colourful mark on it. It ‘s easy to shy away from colour, but you can use it in a subtle way by adding pops of it through your accessories & soft furnishings. Colourful decor can make a space both energising and uplifting, if you’re having a bad day it can raise your spirits. Vibrant/bold designs can make a home feel cosy and add warmth to it, they can also help to create those sunshine vibes all year long! 

I am always on the lookout for original products and since joining Instagram I have discovered so many amazing brands whose designs have not only added bursts of sunshine to spaces within our home but have injected lots of character and personality into Little Blair House.

So in this post, I bring you 10 of, in my eyes, the coolest independent stores around. So take a little look and have a good browse through their product ranges, I assure you, you won’t be disappointed!

1.Lucy Tiffney

2. Sian Elin

3. Nikki McWilliams

4. Sunjellies

5. Clarabella Christie

6. Rachel Powell

7. Cotton Clara

8. Red Hand Gang

9. Cable & Cotton

10. Going Loopy

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