Needle Felt Masterclass and Kit: Create joyous botanical displays for your home

  • Course level: All Levels

About Course

Discover new and exciting felt-making and textile design techniques. Learn how to create three stunning felt floral displays for your home in this fun and informative course. Rachel will cover a range of skills and ideas through her easy to follow step-by-step instructional videos, giving you the confidence to create your very own product designs. You’ll learn from the ground up, so it doesn’t matter how much experience you have when beginning this course. Rachel also demonstrates two different ways of displaying your felt flowers as well as how and where to style your furnishings in your home.


This online course is beginner friendly and also suitable for experienced needle felters. Take your time to learn techniques. I have included three tutorials: How to create a bouquet of sunflowers; how to create a display of daffodils and how to create a bunch of multi-coloured daisies. I have broken up each lesson into separate videos so that it is nice and easy to hop back and forth to different steps/techniques.

Upon purchasing this course, you will have lifetime access to all the videos and materials contained within it, meaning you can watch them as often as you like!

Download and use the materials and equipment files to help reinforce your learning. These files are filled with lots of information and can be used as a reference when progressing through the course or whilst developing your own designs and ideas.

Throughout the course, I share lots of information about the supplies I use and why I use them. I also provide a shopping list for each project with direct links to suppliers for all of the materials you’ll need should you not wish to purchase a kit from my store.

To help you get an idea of what you’ll need to create these projects, I use the following in my lessons:

  • Needle punch tool
  • Brush mat
  • 100% 1mm wool felt
  • Assorted colours of wool tops/roving
  • Felting needles (my favourites are size 36 or 38 gauge)

Contents and Overview

This course will walk you through all of the steps required to create three handmade textile product designs. Rachel will show you how to create one flower design with the idea that you then go away to make more. Each project will take roughly 1.5-2hrs to complete.

In each tutorial, you will learn something different and Rachel will also share lots of tips and tricks including:

  • The recommended way of cutting out shapes from fabric
  • What type of paper to use for your templates
  • The best equipment to use when creating your flower designs
  • How to make your designs stand upright and make them look realistic

By the end of this course, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of how and why needle felting and punching works, as well as the necessary skills to create your very own felt products.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to use a needle punch tool
  • How to work on a brush mat
  • How to use a single felting needle to create 3D details
  • How to create a piece of needle-punched fabric from scratch
  • How to use a magic (vanishing) marker pen
  • How to use a glue gun
  • How to create flower stems
  • How to create and work with templates
  • How to work with wool tops
  • How to work with wool felt
  • How and why wool fibres felt
  • How to construct your designs
  • How to arrange and display your designs
  • How and where to style your designs in your own home
  • The best materials and equipment to use

Topics for this course

27 Lessons05h

Course overview

Introduction to this course01:17

Project One – Creating a bunch of sunflowers

Project Two – Creating a bunch of daffodils

Project Three – Creating a bunch of daisies

Bonus Content


Material Includes

  • 4 downloadable resources per project including a shopping list with product links, templates and material/equipment information
  • Full lifetime access to this course
  • Accessible on desktop and mobile devices
  • A special bonus video demonstrating how to display your designs using Oasis dry foam


  • You should be eager to learn new techniques and how to design your own products
  • No fancy set up is required, you can use your dining table or a kitchen island
  • No prior knowledge of needle felting is required - this course is geared for absolute beginners

Target Audience

  • Individuals looking to learn needle felting and how to create their own products
  • Absolute beginners who want to become skilled felters and textile designers
  • Amateur crafters wanting to improve their skills